A critical eye for CockStock

Linda Norris, a Treadwell consultant who advises museums on making their exhibits user-friendly and interactive, attended a homegrown Delaware County festival called CockStock a few weeks back. Amongst the singing and outdoor attractions staged in Bovina along Rte. 28, she saw several lessons in user interactivity for her clients:

Invite anyone to plan and participate

The event's Facebook page described it as a "celebration of art, information, and good company" and if you had something to share, you were invited to do so. Some artists brought their work and did a small installation in the barn where anyone could come in, look at the work and talk (and many people did) ...

Make Room for Creators and Appreciators

There were loads of creators at the event--musicians and others. There was space and time for all of them to share their work. But there was also time and space for those of us who aren't artists to enjoy and appreciate the work. The audience ranged in age from 4 to 70 plus--it really was for everyone.

Photos by Claire Gohorel and Drew Harty, Rooster painting by Anne Gohorel. Used with permission.