By WP Newsroom on Friday, Apr. 9, 2010 - 3:52 pm
Both the Senate and Assembly have vowed to restore funding to New York's state parks, bucking an effort by Gov. Paterson to help balance the budget by closing dozens of parks. But New York History says the parks will have to close anyway, unless the state... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Tuesday, Apr. 6, 2010 - 11:13 pm
It probably isn't news to locals that in Ulster County, the city of Kingston pays for the lion's share of Safety Net, a statewide welfare program. In most of the state, the buck stops with the county. Not so in Ulster County, which bills towns for half... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Friday, Apr. 2, 2010 - 10:30 am
The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation dropped another piece of bad news about state parks yesterday: fees are going up. The press release says that parking fees will rise to $8 per vehicle at "flagship" state parks... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2010 - 2:58 pm
Gov. Paterson just announced that $2.1 billion worth of state aid to school districts across New York state won't be paid on schedule tomorrow. The NY Daily News has the press release. In the Albany Times-Union: A list of how the delay breaks down by... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Friday, Mar. 26, 2010 - 5:43 pm
Should the state allow grocery stores to sell wine? Tonight at 7:30pm on PBS stations across the state, New York Now is asking grape growers what they think. Here's a preview:
By WP Newsroom on Friday, Mar. 19, 2010 - 6:29 pm
According to a press release sent by Congressman Maurice Hinchey's office today, Gov. Paterson can't possibly close 41 state parks, because federal law doesn't allow it. [T]he head of the National Park Service (NPS) told the congressman this week that the... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2010 - 5:05 pm
Is there some kind of terrible recession going on in the creative industry? It seems like the anti-budget-cut campaigns coming out of New York State's usually-staid nonprofit sector are getting awfully clever lately. From the Healthcare Association of New... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2010 - 5:11 pm
That's what Ulster County comptroller Elliot Auerbach claims the proposed budget axe is going to do to Ulster County tourism revenue. (Ask not for whom the axe tolls: It tolls for Minnewaska State Park, the Kingston Senate House and the Walkway Over the... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2010 - 10:45 am
Huffington Post contributor Dave Colavito takes aim at Gov. Paterson's decision to spend $6 million on the Concord resort project. The Concord project is on life-support, and that's being generous, considering it's been a year since any pulse has been... Read more
By WP Newsroom on Monday, Mar. 1, 2010 - 11:36 pm
Rural towns and outdoorsfolk are up in arms about the Paterson administration's proposal to shutter dozens of state parks--an act that would save the state a few million dollars, a pitiful handful of gravel to toss into the yawning abyss of the state... Read more


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