It's not just about the veggies

So you grow your own veggie garden, maybe keep a few hens laying fresh eggs, appreciating the flavor they bring to your table. But what about the rest of your cuisine? Why not local cheeses, meats, even desserts!  Well, check out Rondout Valley Organics to discover the area's best-kept secret source for local, seasonal goodies produced by your neighbors. Membership gives you access to an online marketplace of incredible lettuces, nutritious grass-fed meats, goat cheese yogurt, robust seedlings for your own garden, deliciously sweet maple cream and so much more.  Join now and enjoy this year's newest addition - baked sweets from Aunt Nenee's in Hurleyville! Cookies, pies, scones and other yummy treats, baked with the best ingredients, local & seasonal. All this and more, lovingly made by your neighbor-farmers, herdskeepers and bakers!