DCHA to Present Awards of Merit; Presentation to Focus on “Unknown Museums of Upstate NY”

The annual meeting of the Delaware County Historical Association will be held on Sunday, November 1, 2015. A pot luck luncheon buffet at 1:00pm sets the scene for the gathering of members and guests in the large gallery at DCHA. The luncheon will be followed by the presentation of DCHA’s annual Awards of Merit to those individuals who have volunteered their time and skills to preserve and/or present the history of Delaware County.

The highlight of each year’s event is the presentation of the Awards of Merit. This year, the following individuals will be recognized for their achievements:

Graydon Ballard

Graydon has been an important member of and volunteer for the Sidney Historical Society for several years, serving as its curator for the past decade. Graydon has been at the forefront of efforts to preserve photographs, documents and other artifacts pertaining to Sidney’s history. He is always ready to share his wide knowledge of local history and over many years has contributed regular articles to the local newspaper on the history of Sidney and surrounding region.

Ken & Vanessa Schermerhorn

Ken and Vanessa have been members of the Delaware County Historical Association for many years and – more importantly – active volunteers for the last decade and more. In particular, Ken & Vanessa and their family have spent countless hours maintaining our museum site and nature trail. More recently, they have generously given of their time to lead our fundraising bus trips, guiding our guests all over Upstate New York and beyond!

The Bovina “School Marms”

Three women associated with the Bovina Historical Society's School Day Camp are also being recognized. The school camp started in the summer of 2014, the brain child of Jan Bray and Amy Burns, utilizing Bovina's Maynard School. Children were asked to attend school in clothing from around 1900. They were expected to bring their lunch appropriate to around 1900, using baskets, pails, handkerchiefs, etc. Jan and Amy served as the 'school marms.' The camp was held again in 2015, with Amy Burns and Mary Pelletier serving as the 'school marms' to another capacity group of children.

DCHA is proud to honor these people who have contributed so much to the preservation and understanding of our county’s fascinating history. A short business meeting will follow the Awards of Merit presentation.

The general public is also invited to join us at 2:45pm to hear local radio personality and author, Chuck D’Imperio, give a presentation based on his book, “Unknown Museums of Upstate NY.”

There is no charge to attend any portion of the meeting and the general public is invited to attend. For more information call or e-mail (607) 746-3849 ~ dcha@delhi.net