Delaware County Historical Association to Present Awards of Merit Presentation to Focus on County in World War II

The annual meeting of the Delaware County Historical Association will be held on Sunday, November 2, 2014. A pot luck luncheon buffet at 1:00pm sets the scene for the gathering of members and guests in the large gallery at DCHA. The luncheon will be followed by the presentation of DCHA’s annual Awards of Merit to those individuals who have volunteered their time and skills to preserve and/or present the history of Delaware County.


The highlight of each year’s event is the presentation of the Awards of Merit. This year, the following individuals will be recognized for their achievements:


Celin Schoen

Celin has been a member of the Hobart Historical Society for several years, serving as its president for some of that time. Celin has been at the forefront of efforts to restore the building in which the historical society is now housed, spending countless hours applying for and obtaining grants to carry out the necessary work. She is also always ready to share her wide knowledge of local history and over many years has contributed regular newspaper articles on the history of Hobart and surrounding region.


Kay Parisi-Hampel

As Colchester Town Historian Kay has spearheaded a great many projects. Not the least of these has been the creation of an interpretive driving tour in the town highlighting its important historic sites. In addition to posted signs there are also maps and a detailed booklet available. Additionally, Kay has greatly improved the Colchester Historical Society’s website, produces an informative newsletter and regularly schedules speakers and creates exhibits all designed to present the town’s history.


William Nicholson

As “Clerk of the Works” for the planning and construction of the new Harpersfield Historical Society building, William Nicholson enabled the society to successfully complete and open their new home in the summer of 2014. Since then, Bill has either donated or loaned equipment in order for the society to produce presentations on the area’s history and has created his own presentation on the hotels of the town. Bill offers his services and knowledge to local schools and has created a program for archiving and recording historic artifacts.


DCHA is proud to honor these people who have contributed so much to the preservation and understanding of our county’s fascinating history. A short business meeting will follow the Awards of Merit presentation.


The general public is also invited to join us at 2:45pm for a Powerpoint presentation on World War II homefront activity in Delaware County given by local college student and history major Samantha Misa.


There is no charge to attend any portion of the meeting and the general public is invited to attend. For more information call or e-mail (607) 746-3849 ~