Here's the Reservoir Food Pantry's film on FundAnything! Great music!


The Reservoir Food Pantry, formed in September 2013 and located in Olive NY, is raising funds to purchase a delivery truck.   We are an incorporated, non-profit charity consisting of five board members and several volunteers.


We currently deliver donated food to over 45 homebound, elderly or disabled individuals every week.  Our home deliveries are growing by about 5 individuals per month!  Because we live out in the country, this requires a lot of driving and wear and tear on our own vehicles.  We receive food from local businesses, farmer’s markets, grocery stores, bakeries, other pantries, and individual donors.  This requires even more driving and often we do not have space in our cars to accommodate donations...


This spring, we are establishing a physical pantry space where we can further feed the hungry in our area.  We will also join our New York Food Bank network in order to receive enough food for our community.  This requires driving two hours a week to Albany, NY, in addition to our home food deliveries.  


We are seeking a used box truck, van or delivery vehicle big enough to hold the weekly shipments of food we receive from our food bank.  

Our fundraising goal is $15,000 and this will enable us to purchase a used van or box truck and possibly insurance for 2014.

Without this vehicle we will not be able to continue to bring a weeky, 3-day supply of fresh produce, fruit, bread, canned and boxed food to the people who are in dire need.  We are turning to you for help...  


This process of sharing and giving is truly heart warming.  People give, we deliver, and the hungry receive.  It is a joyous experience.  

We are going to name the new van, well yes..."Van-essa"