Letter to the Editor: Bringing the Catskill Region to NYC

Dear Editor,

This was the view from the Brooklyn Bridge Park as The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce attended the Watershed Experience held by NY City DEP on Sat. 6/22/2013. The Chamber attended the event together with representatives from Sullivan, Ulster, and Greene Counties and set up its travel show booth display in the park. The park is an extremely popular venue for many residents of the nearby neighborhoods to run, bike, and simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The purpose of this event was to work together with NY City DEP to promote the recreational that await visitors to the four counties of the Catskill Region. It is estimated that on the normal weekend day, there are nearly 30,000 visitors to the park. Saturday was no exception and many people were very interested in the Catskill Region recreational opportunities. It is apparent that many residents of Brooklyn near the park are young and active - a perfect fit for the recreational possibilities we offer here.

James Thomson
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce