Cairo-Durham school budget passes on re-vote

After a defeat at the polls in May, the Cairo-Durham Central School District passed a revised budget by 472-360 on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reports:

After the $27.7 million budget was voted down in May, the revised budget dropped the tax levy from $12,550,413 to $12,490,413, for an increase of 3.73 percent from last year, rather than the 4.23 percent increase in the original budget.

The reduction was made possible by moving $60,000 from the unappropriated fund balance to the upcoming year’s revenue stream.

The district's board of education has been embroiled in controversy throughout this year's budget process. A cost-saving "Princeton Plan" reconfiguration of the elementary grades, scheduled for this fall, drew fierce opposition from a group of community members who vowed to vote down any budget that included the plan.