Letter to the Editor: Judge Becker has "legal discernment"

Dear Editor:

Over the course of the summer I had the opportunity to intern at the Delaware County Courthouse, where I audited trials and hearings in Judge Carl Becker’s courtroom. Most people would not 'enjoy' auditing court proceedings, but for a law student the experience vivifies the dry case reports which are prescribed reading. Parties in the dispute become more than ink on paper: they become faces with real lives and futures at stake. Justice and judicial decisions are not merely abstract fodder for legal analysis, but directly impact the trajectory of individuals and communities.

As I observed both civil and criminal court cases, it was evident that Judge Becker was acutely aware of that reality. He was not just blithely going through the motions or simply viewing the cases through the lens of vapid legalism. Rather, he seemed to strive to consider each case in light of a wide ambit of societal, legal, and interpersonal factors. In the course of conversation, I was particularly struck by his passion for facilitating just and equitable treatment for each person in a dispute. While I may not agree on every point, I cannot help but admire his legal discernment and his scrupulous concern for the community.

Judge Becker’s judicial acumen is, perhaps, a consequence of his profound respect for the public office. In a culture in which civil respect is rare, such a character trait should not be taken lightly. I would urge Delaware County voters to support this gentleman who will continue to honorably and faithfully serve as our Delaware County Court Judge.

Hannah Lamont
Delhi, NY