Around the blogshed: the "wasn't that already illegal?" edition

Above: So, how many of these did you get up your nose this week? Dandelion photo by Catskills Photography, in the Watershed Post Flickr pool.

This was a week full of putting on a sweater and rain boots, then subsequently taking off that sweater and ditching the rain boots fifteen minutes later, then cursing the weather's ongoing personality disorder, then enjoying all the rainbows that followed like some beautiful schizophrenic apology for thunderstorms -- and in between those activities, it was also a busy week around the blogshed. 

  • So, Saugerties was the first town in the area to ban synthetic pot last month. This month, they're following it up with a ban on the sale of pipes, bongs and other drug paraphernalia. . . which at least this reporter thought was illegal already. The Saugerties Times says this will mainly affect businesses that sell these items, which seems obvious.
  • Upstater asks: has the housing market 'round these parts bottomed out?
  • There's going to be a Giant Yard Sale this weekend in Liberty so big it gets capitalized.  It's called a Sale-O-Rama, so you know it's gotta be good.
  • It's the end of the road for SUNY New Paltz seniors -- congrats and come back to visit!
  • Do you know what an ourobouros is?  It's that drawing of a snake eating its own tail, it's one of our Editor's favorite words, and it's what happens when we give praise to the Denning Denizen and they give it right back to us. Commence tooting our own horn in three. . . two. . .
  • Last week, Diary of a Transplant shared a heartbreaking story of a farm birth gone awry. This week, there's better and more adorable news to report.
  • Need to get to Hudson from Greene County?  Feel like shakin' it up a bit and avoiding the Rip Van Winkle Bridge?  Take the Athens-Hudson ferry on over, because it's open for the season!

Remember, if you still haven't made plans for the long holiday weekend, we've got the local goings-on in our fancy Memorial Day section. Hopefully, we'll see you out and about and enjoying what's (allegedly) going to be a beautiful weekend!