Brawl brewing between Greene County and governor

Governor David Paterson made good on his promise to appoint a new treasurer in Greene County yesterday, thereby overriding the treasurer that the Greene County legislature picked in July. The Daily Mail reports that both Paterson and county officials are preparing for a fight over whose treasurer gets to stay:

County Attorney Carol Stevens said Thursday that she intends to inform [state officials] Friday morning that the county does not recognize the New York State County Law that gives the Governor the authority to make the appointment trumps the county law that leaves that power to the county.

For his part, Paterson has sent the county a strongly-worded letter about his choice:

“I ask that you inform the Greene County Legislature’s invalid appointee that his position is to be appropriately filled by gubernatorial appointment, and that he should cease and desist performing any tasks of the county treasurer,” the letter states.

All this posturing is a symptom of election fever, it seems. The governor's pick for the post, Alan Pavese, was already running for treasurer when he was tapped for the job. This brouhaha could be good for his campaign:

[Greene County Democratic Committee Chairman Tom] Poelker said the Governor’s announcement sends the message that Pavese is a viable candidate but he said it remains to be seen whether the decision will help Pavese.