Andrea Girolamo


Aug. 24, 2012
Above: Oh, just inchin' along. A black swallowtail, photographed by Christopher Mooney in the Watershed Post Flickr pool. It's true. You're too stressed.  Chill out, and check out what's going on around some local blogs. With the trails seeing more... Read more
Aug. 22, 2012
Aug. 17, 2012
Above: It's hot; take a nap. Photo by Flickr user annroberti in the Watershed Post Flickr pool. We're in the waning weeks of summer -- back to school shopping! County fairs! Ever more unpredictable weather!  So get out there and enjoy one of the final... Read more
Aug. 13, 2012
Photo: Aerial view of last year's fair. Source: Summer is the high season for the best fairs and festivals, and there's a big one going on this week.  The 126th annual Delaware County Fair, which opened in Walton to fairgoers... Read more
Aug. 8, 2012
Above: Ursula Eagly's performance art is the final event at the Mount Tremper Arts festival, which concludes this weekend. This weekend will see the conclusion of the Mount Tremper Arts summer festival. The festival, which kicked off June 9th, hosted... Read more
Jul. 27, 2012
Camouflage: you're doing it right. Photo by Catskills Photography in the Watershed Post Flickr pool. A bit of scary weather behind us (albeit not nearly as scary as predicted for most of us in the blogshed), we can now expect to enjoy the weekend, isn't... Read more
Jul. 27, 2012
"Even I, Lucas, have heard the legend of a man-fish!" Tomorrow, the STS Playhouse presents a showing of "Creature from the Black Lagoon," the beloved drive-in classic from 1954. Shown on real 16mm reel-to-reel film, STS describes the film experience as '... Read more
Jul. 26, 2012
This Saturday, the third annual Catskill Forest Festival will take place at the Margaretville Park Pavilion from 10-4pm. Dubbed a "celebration of the Catskill Forest," the festival will include a logging competition, family activities, vendors, and arts... Read more
Jul. 20, 2012
Above: A heron stretching its legs near Monticello. Photo by Catskills Photography in the Watershed Post Flickr pool.   As I write this, it's pouring rain. Hallelujah!  We're in the beginning stages of a drought, so let's hope it keeps raining for a bit... Read more
Jul. 19, 2012
Above: Maple Shade Farm. This weekend, the Bloomville and Delhi fire departments are joining together for the first annual FireFest fundraiser to benefit both departments. Among the events planned for the fest are skills competitions where firemen will... Read more
Jul. 17, 2012
Above: Earlier this evening at Kaaterskill Falls. The usually mighty falls have been reduced to a trickle by a mild winter and a record-breaking hot summer with little rain.  Evidence of Irene and Lee's late-summer fury is still evident on the tree limb... Read more
Jul. 13, 2012
Photo: Kiamesha Lake by Flickr user Catskills Photography in the Watershed Post photo pool. Time for another glorious weekend!  Here's what's popping up around some local sites. This weekend!  Canal Days Celebration at the Schoharie Crossing State... Read more
Jul. 12, 2012
Photo: A pride flag flying on a sunny day, much like festival-goers can expect in Bethel on Saturday. Photo by Flickr user torbkahopper, used under a Creative Commons license. Afetr a three-year hiatus, GALA Catskills is reviving its Day To Be Gay... Read more