When It's All About The Food

When it’s all about the food... it has to be a PRIMO oval ceramic grill. Grill mouthwatering steaks, roast a turkey, bake authentic wood-fired pizza, or smoke a beef brisket to tender perfection - virtually ANY food and recipe can be cooked on a PRIMO - the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

The ONLY ceramic grill with the PATENTED OVAL DESIGN, the PRIMO delivers simultaneous direct and indirect cooking (commonly referred to as “two- zone”cooking). Grill thick, sizzling, bone-in ribeyes on one side while roasting fresh corn on the cob on the other side – all with the flavor of a natural wood fire!

Round ceramic grills may promise, but they can’t deliver the extremely efficient cooking abilities of the PRIMO – the grill that SMOKES all other grills.

The ONLY ceramic grill made in the USA, the PRIMO really kicks ash!

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