We have been working on our documentary about the history of railroads in the Catskills for about 18 months.  Thanks to all the generous support of historians, libraries, musicians, historical societies and private collectors, we have in-hand most of the core materials for the project.

Now we are deeply into the editing phase and would be close to finishing except for an unexpected current controversy. Initially we thought Rails to the Catskills would be mostly a 19th and 20th century story with a brief look at the two tourist railroads operating in the historic Ulster & Delaware corridor.  It turns out that there’s a contemporary contentious aspect to the story that we must also include.  Many of you are aware of the struggle between the Catskill Mountain Railroad and the rail-trail advocates.  In following the continuing developments, we have recorded meetings and interviews in order to tell most accurately this part of the story.  We had hoped to be finished with the documentary this summer.  But, until the controversy plays itself out, the release date remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for updates as we proceed with the project and the ultimate announcement of the release of Rails to the Catskills. Meanwhile, here are some historic and contemporary photos we’ve collected for possible use in the film.  The photos are from the Horsehoe Curve west of Pine Hill, mile marker 87 on the CSX line (formerly the West Shore) in Kingston, volunteer workers on the Catskill Mountain Railroad rehabilitating tracks, the CMRR crew posing in front of the old passengers car slated for renewal, and a vintage shot of "The Huckleberry" on the mountaintop.  We've included a link to our segment about the Delaware & Ulster Railroad operating from Arkville.