Violets on the Radio

Today I was interviewed by Annie Hirsh, for her radio show Writer's Voice carried on WIOX Community Radio on 91.3 FM from Roxbury,  The program is carried on-air locally and on-line streaming at

Annie came to the Sweet Violets show at Skene Library in Fleischmanns, and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for her radio show.  I was happy to be included, and when Annie called to get me on the air, I could tell this would go well.  She had clearly done her homework and knew all the pertinent facts about the documentary and about my career. 

One of her questions was about the process of producing a documentary like Sweet Violets.  I was able to tell her something of gathering research, doing interviews, collecting appropriate text and finding music.  I emphasized the help that organizations like local and regional museums, libraries, online sources and historical societies gave as well as the support that private collectors gave to the project.

Now I am collecting information about Railroads in the Catskills for my next film and already the same group of organizations and private individuals are opening their resources to help make the production possible.  Without these keepers of local history documentary makers like me would have nothing to show on the screen and no sound track to tell the story.  And, without community media like WIOX, we would all miss out on a chance to tell our stories to the public that supports our films.  Kudos to community radio for enriching our region.