In response to my recent posting about our new project on Railroads of the Catskills, we received a nice email from Tom Fraser.  He included a terrific image of the cover from one of the Ulster and Delaware publications touting the trip by rail to the Catskills.  I've posted it here for your enjoyment. Thanks, Tom.

I hope others will follow suit and help us locate images that might be of interest to us for our film.  Contact us at

The era of steam trains and marvelous railroad structures has a romantic side to it and we are posting some evocative images from the period.

This week we will be recording an interview with William F. Helmer, author of Rip Van Winkle Railroads and The Long Life and Slow Death of the New York, Ontario and Western Railway.  On the way to his house in Morrisville, we will stop in Oneonta where we hope to find the site of the caboose marking the founding of the Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen which was formed in 1883.