Railroads of the Catskills up next

For some time people have requested that we produce a documentary on railroads...well, we've started reseach on a new project: Railroads of the CatskillsThe film will cover both the northern and southern Catskills and the through trains and branch lines that existed.  We invite our friends and neighbors to help by sending us photos, or scans of memorabilia and ephemera that relates to any and all railroads in the Catskills. 

This is a project in which we hope to accurately portray the robust history of railroads in the region.  We will cover the period beginning in the early 1800's through today's resurrection of train runs from Kingston, Phoenicia and Arkville.

We have started by interviewing experts like John Ham, Gene Dauner and Bob Haines, with more to come.  We welcome suggestions of people to interview and places to  visit as well as thoughts on where to find images and items that will enrich the story. 

Please join us in this documentary adventure by offering historical and contemporary photos and information that might be of interest when we present Railroads of the Catskills to a wide audience. Contact us at video@hvc.rr.com.

We will report our progress here and on our Facebook page (Willow Mixed Media) so stay tuned for updates.