Marking the Occasion

Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 8:00pm


647 South Plank Road
Mt. Tremper, NY 12457
United States
New York US
Takahiro Yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto by Lynn Lane

David Thomson, Julie Tolentino, Mariana Valencia, Takahiro Yamamoto, and Mlondi Zondi
Marking the Occasion
Curated by Jaime Shearn Coan and Tara Aisha Willis
In collaboration with Ugly Duckling Presse
Saturday, June 15 at 8:00 pm / Tickets $15

Seven artists explore the intersection of text and performance in a collaborative dance-writing event. Sharing wide-ranging practices, they present works—big or small, poetic, critical, or scored—that stand as both a part of, and apart from, live performance.

Jaime Shearn Coan is a writer, editor, and PhD Candidate in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Tara Aisha Willis is a PhD candidate in performance studies at NYU and Associate Curator of Performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. 

David Thomson is a collaborative artist whose work exists among the intersections of movement, text, sound, and song. Julie Tolentino creates movement-based performance installation, objects, video, and sound to examine loss, temporality, sexuality, and longing. Mariana Valencia is a dance artist, founding member of the No Total reading group, and part of the Whitney Biennial 2019. Takahiro Yamamoto is an artist and choreographer based in Portland, Oregon. He co-directs madhause and is part of the support group Physical Education. Mlondi Zondi is a Chicago-based movement artist, dramaturg, critic, curator, PhD candidate in performance studies at Northwestern, and co-editor of Propter Nos. 

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647 South Plank Road
Mt. Tremper, NY 12457