Andes Roundtable at The Hunting Tavern

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


United States

Community Radio: How far we've come!?


After 8 years, WIOX returns to the Andes Roundtable to talk about the state of media today with a certain slant on local.  


Back in 2008 (or thereabouts), WIOX founders Dan Kelleher and Joe Piasek stopped by the Andes Roundtable to assess interest in a new local radio station. (The FCC had just opened a rare application window and had granted an educational broadcast license to the Town of Roxbury). It promised to be the first ever for Delaware County.  Since then, they've been hard at work, along with a few hundred other dedicated, talented Catskillians, establishing a wildly diverse community network with a common purpose: reflecting and serving the interests of our region.


Programmed by 85 exceptional community volunteers, supported by scores of local partnerships, and now part of WSKG Public Media, WIOX Community Radio has entered its 7th year on-the-air (91.3FM, MTC Channel 20 and streaming online) with some of the world's most admired, quixotic programs... all live and local.  


Although Dan is back in Worcester, MA, Joe will be here with members of WIOX's crack operating team and program hosts to argue that local radio can be social media like no other—and, believe it or not—with far less "fake news."