Willow Mixed Media

Holiday Histories on DVD

Time again to remember loved ones with the gift of local and regional history on DVD.

Our collection of documentaries about the Catskills and Hudson Valley includes:

Deep Water – Building the Catskill Water System. This is the classic tale of building the Ashokan Reservoir and the West of Hudson reservoir system that keeps unfiltered water flowing to NY City.
The Catskill Mountain House and The World Around is the story of America's first great mountain-top hotel and the romantic tourism that made the Catskills into America's First Wilderness.
Sweet Violets is the surprising story of Rhinebeck, NY when it was the Violet Capital of the World. In the Victorian era, millions of aromatic violets were cultivated in and around Rhinebeck and shipped throughout the east and midwest, leaving by train from the Rhinecliff and Barrytown stations.
Rails to the Catskills tells the intriguing history of railroading in the Northern and Southern Catskills. It includes detailed histories of such famous rail lines as The Ontario and Western, The Ulster and Delaware, The Catskill Mountain Railway and the Otis Elevating Railway and more. It also covers the controvery over rails and trails in the U&D corridor.

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