Temporary Roxbury Library Closing


Roxbury Library
53742 State Highway 30, P.O. Box 186 Roxbury, New York 12474-0186
United States

Contact Person: Dian Seiler, Director, Roxbury Library
Telephone and Fax: (607)-326-7901

The Roxbury Library will close for the remainder of 2021 (12/15/2021-12/31/2021) due to health risks posed by the surge of COVID cases within Delaware County, as reported by the Delaware County Department of Public Health, along with recently released state-mandated COVID precautions against newly emergent COVID variants. The Roxbury Library Association is currently suspending all library services, including interlibrary loan requests and curbside pickups, until further notice.

Please do not leave voicemail messages for library staff, for the library will remain vacant through the end of the year.

The Roxbury Library Association Board of Trustees and the Roxbury Library Staff regret any inconveniences caused by the Roxbury Library's temporary closing.

An end-of-year press release will announce Roxbury Library hours for the first quarter of 2022.