Delaware County SWCD Annual Tree and Shrub Sale


United States

The Delaware County SWCD Tree and Shrub Program, a tradition for over thirty years, is in full swing with new varieties for your yard, orchard or woodlot. This year the DCSWCD is excited to add Red Splendor Crabapple and Arkansas Black Apple trees to its inventory of conservation trees and shrubs. Many of the selections are native species; all are chosen for their ability to grow in Delaware County’s climate and soil conditions. Whether you are looking to prevent erosion, attract wildlife, produce maple syrup or grow your own Christmas trees, you’ll find just the right variety for your property. Orders are due by Friday, March 17, with pickup at the SWCD office on Saturday, April 22. An order blank, along with photos and descriptions to help you with your selections, is available at or stop in at the DCSWCD office at 44 West Street in Walton. For more information, call 607-865-7161.