LongYear Artists Cooperative Gallery, Margaretville NY is Seeking 3 New Members

By linda, Tue, 4/5/2016 - 9:11 am

Two pieces of each applicant’s work will be exhibited in the gallery from Friday, May 20 to Monday, June 13 during which time current Longyear members will review submissions and vote on the applicant’s acceptance as a gallery member.


Criteria for membership is based on several factors: the overall quality of the art work and its presentation, as well as how the artwork complements and expands upon the work by current members. The gallery welcomes work in all art forms and encourages artists to visit our website (www.longyeargallery.org)


The Longyear Gallery is made up of  a group of visual artists who joined together to create an artists' community and create a venue to exhibit their work. The gallery is co-operative in the true sense of the word. It regularly hosts group and solo exhibitions by gallery artists, invitational exhibitions, gallery talks and workshops open to the public.  Members shape gallery policies, maintain the day to day functioning of the gallery space, and guide the gallery’s development as a cultural resource for the region.


We are currently moving from our second floor space to a beautiful room downstairs in the same building. This larger space will allow us to be more accessible to people of all ages and reach a wider audience.


There is no application fee. For those accepted as new members of the gallery, there is a one time initiation fee $150 and membership dues of $60 per month. The gallery does not take commissions on work sold.

Contact Linda at lariarcrone@catskill.net...607-326-4234