The First Catskill Computer Art Show

Dear Friends and Art Lovers,

I hope you will join us at the opening of The First Catskill Computer Art Show at Atelier Progressif on Friday, March 11th, at 6:00 PM.


The Exhibition will showcase digital art by talented MOCA (Museum for Computer Art) artists from all over the world who have contributed their work for the show. It will be a representation of the most original and dramatic work created on the computer in its various forms and manifestations, including 3-D rendered art, fractals, enhanced photography, animation, mixed media, and computer-painted and -drawn art.


The Show is a reflection of our mission to seek out and identify individuals who utilize technology to create and promote meaningful new artwork.  We want to be an integral and vital force in shaping how art is created and consumed in the digital era.


Atelier Progressif Creative Art Space is looking to give space and support to artists who use digital tools to create art and art projects that benefit society.


We hope to see you there,


Yechiam Gal / Principal


Atelier Progressif

Creative Art Space

75 Bridge Street,Catskill,NY 12414