Transition Movement at SEVA - Training and Workshop Invitation

The Transition Movement BRINGING A NEW WORLD TO LIFE Why Transition ? We are living in an age of unprecedented change, with a number of crises converging. Climate change, global economic instability, erosion of community, declining biodiversity, and resources wars, have all stemmed from the availability of cheap, non-renewable fossil fuels. Our survival depends on our coming together to talk, reflect, creating a caring and joyful community. The heart of happiness and social change is joining with others to share our concerns, experiences and wisdom. As we face the challenges of peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction, the Transition Movement is a positive approach that focuses on local solutions and building community resilience. Training for Transition is the popular, in-depth experiential workshop created by the global Transition Network. The course describes how to set up, run, and maintain a successful Transition initiative. It is packed with imaginative and inspiring ways to engage your community, and delves into both the theory and practice of Transition that has worked so well in hundreds of communities around the world. It meets the training criteria recommended for local initiating groups to become an internationally recognized Transition initiative. This training will be a mix of presentation and visual media, participatory discussions, small group work, and practical planning that you can take home and use. There are hundreds of TRANSITION TOWNS AROUND THE WORLD, ENJOYING A NEW WAY OF LIFE !

Participants are invited to share their experience and learn from others in the course. To know more about the global Transition Movement visit : Transition US Mercedes Cecilia, Certified in Naturopathic Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner  The Transition Movement Training at The School of Environmental and Vocational Arts SEVA- South Kortright, NY For Registration: or call 845-679-9258

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