This weekend: Fish stories at Spillian

Image provided by Spillian. 

What do fly fisherman do when trout season is a month away and the temperatures are still deep-freeze cold? At this time of year, reminiscing fondly about being thigh-high in a Catskills stream is about as close to fishing as you can get.

This Sunday, March 1, a group of consummate Catskills anglers with over 100 years of fly fishing experience between them is gathering at the Spillian resort in Fleischmanns to tell "Trout Tales." 

From the press release:

A not-to-be-missed historic opportunity to sit around the table as some of the living legends of fly fishing join us in an evening of anecdotes, recollections and reminiscences of friendships and time spent with legendary names like Art Flick, Frank Mele, the Darbees and the Dettes, Herman Christiansen, and others -- of the great fish and the great streams from the birthplace of American fly-fishing, the Catskills Mountains.

The event is part of Spillian's regular "Soup Sundays" performance series, "Voices of the Catskills," which pairs a communal meal under a crystal chandelier with performances and panels on Catskills subjects. 

Trout Tales: Anecdotes, Stories & Reminiscences From Legendary Catskills Anglers. Sunday, March 1. Performance 4 p.m.; dinner 5 p.m. 800-811-3351. Spillian is a Watershed Post advertiser.