Letter to the Editor: That train never came

Dear Editor,

Growing up in Olivebridge we often wondered when the train might come through along those abandoned tracks in Shokan. As a kid, the idea of a train ride seemed like it might be fun.  But that train never came. It still hasn't, 25 years later.

Now I live and work in Uptown Kingston, where walking and biking are my preferred modes of transportation.  Weeks can go by without getting in my car.

A state-of-the-art urban trail will be well used and welcome by all who live and work in Kingston.  Although I’m sure the network of trails will get much use forrecreation by families and all who live and visit Kingston (and I do look forward to being able to get on my bike in Kingston and ride west out to the Ashokan​, to Rosendale​​, the Strand or Marbletown) – it is the Rail Trail’s value as a network of safe, sustainable path​s​ of transportation – everyday – that I value most.

Seeing these long defunct publicly owned corridors turned into a network of urban trails - which supports a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle while lowering​​ the cost of living and carbon footprint of Kingston residents​ like me - is worthy of our support.

Surely those who oppose this don’t live and work in Kingston.

Siena Wright