Letter to the Editor: NYST's actions "shocking and despicable"

To the editor:

I am writing to urge you to print the press release printed below, reflecting the citizen response to the Supreme Court Ruling of July 8, 2014, in the matter of Ballard et al vs New York Safety Track, LLC.

As an American citizen and resident of Delaware County, I find the NYST's actions shocking and despicable. This is simply a case of big money trumping the interests of local residents who, for lack of sufficient funds and political influence, have seen the peaceful way of life they have chosen in Davenport all but destroyed by outside interests claiming to benefit the community economically. Anyone in the local community who supports this race track is either corrupt or oblivious to its deleterious impact on neighboring residents whose rights have clearly been ignored by some local officials. If the officials in my town, Roxbury, were as obviously corrupt as those in Davenport, I would be the first to help vote them out of office.
Christopher Sultan
Roxbury, NY