DEC and volunteers clean up garbage, tires in Kaaterskill Clove

Volunteers and New York State Department of Conservation staff picked up tires and filled over a dozen large garbage bags with trash during a litter clean-up event in Greene County's Kaaterskill Clove on Sunday, Oct. 5, according to a press release from the Catskill Conservation Corps, the event's organizer.

The clean-up effort targeted parking areas and trails near Kaaterskill Falls, which is one of the attractions along scenic Route 23A, a mountain road that has been plagued with trash this summer. (We wrote about local outrage over the trash last month.)

That outrage is being channeled into action. Along with DEC staff and a newly-appointed "backcountry steward," nine volunteers showed up on Sunday to pick up litter in Kaaterskill Clove, the press release stated:

The group scoured the parking area at the end of Laurel House Road, then headed to the Molly Smith parking area on Route 23A (and main parking area for the Kaaterskill Falls Trail), where they filled more than a dozen large garbage bags full of trash before hauling them, along with several tires and other large, discarded items, up steep slopes for removal and disposal. They also picked trash up along the busy highway between the parking area and the Kaaterskill Falls trailhead and along the Kaaterskill Falls Trail. 

The New York Department of Conservation provided the trash bags and disposed of the trash. 

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