This Weekend: Livingston Manor Rotary Ice Carnival

Above: The Royal Court of last year's Livingston Manor Ice Carnival Dance. From the Livingston Manor Rotary Ice Carnival Facebook page.

The 54th annual Livingston Manor Ice Carnival, which was originally scheduled to be held earlier will take place this weekend, which is good timing because, if you haven't left the house since last weekend, the sub-zero temperatures are now ideal for any event with the word "ice" in the name.

Friday evening is all about dancing -- indoors, thank goodess -- at the Livingston Manor Central School Gym. Saturday revolves around the much-anticipated snow sculpture competition at Rotary Park. Sunday activities take place on the ice at Rotary Park, featuring exhibitions, races and a community skate, as well as snowshoeing and sleigh rides. For the complete line-up of events, see the event's Facebook page.