Woodstock votes for Fire District Commissioner

Tonight, the annual election for a vacant seat on the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Woodstock Fire District will take place from 5 to 9pm at the Woodstock Firehouse No. 1, located at 242 Tinker Street. An announcement on the Woodstock fire department Facebook page lists the terms the new treasurer will be responsible for:

To elect one (1) Fire District Commissioner for a five (5) year term commencing January 1, 2013 and ending December 31, 2017.

All residents of the Woodstock Fire District, who are registered to vote with the Ulster County Board of Elections on or before November 19, 2012 shall be entitled to vote at this election.

The candidates running for the open position include Jim Dougherty, Bill Facompre, Duncan Wilson, and Mike Lourenso, who lost his bid for his own seat on the board last year. The five member board of commissioners meets the second Thursday of each month at the Company No. 1 firehouse.

Despite the relatively humble office, this election is a juicy one, thanks to a recent embezzlement scandal and the crowded four-man race.

The Woodstock Times has a big story with profiles of all the candidates this week.

12/11/12 update: An earlier version of this post failed to list the candidates currently running for the open position, and incorrectly listed Bill McKenna as a candidate. We apologize for the errors.