Wildlife habitat designated in Greenville

Greene County landscape by Flickr user Gail Dedrick. Used under Creative Commons license.

Thanks to anonymous donors, 25 acres of land has been donated to the Wildlife Land Trust, part of the Humane Society of the United States.  The land, which will now be known as the Ponderosa Wildlife Sanctuary, contains several fragile ecosystems, according to the WLT.

The Ponderosa Wildlife Sanctuary contains both natural forests and wetland areas.  The woods are primarily northern hardwoods, such as pine, oak and hemlock.  The wetlands, which are state regulated freshwater wetlands, occupy approximately 3 acres of the property and are connected to a series of adjacent wetlands. These wetlands hold unparalleled value as wildlife habitat and the perpetuation of scores of species depends on them. There is also a 1-2 acre man-made pond that provides vital water for wildlife.

Full coverage is available over at the Daily Mail.