This Weekend: Frozendale Daze

This Saturday, Rosendale will sparkle and shine, sing and soar, as Frozendale Daze joy pervades Main Street. It would be hard to pick a favorite festival from this town’s smorgasbord, but Frozendale might be considered the homiest. Originally a Chamber of Commerce notion, it actively involves the various members of the business community –  and what a community they are.

There will be fine artisanal gifts from an eclectic and expert bunch of crafty souls at the Winter Gift Sale at Canaltown Alley and TRANCEnDANCEnDRUM.  Rosendale Guitars and the Rosendale Café will both have live music; those inspired can follow up by attending a special free sing-along showing of The Sound of Music at the Theatre Collective.  There will be parties in progress at the Red Brick, the Bywater Bistro and the 1850 House. The Big Cheese is having a Mac-and-Cheese Bake-Off. There will be hot cider and cocoa, raffles and discounts, a puppet show at Redwing Blackbird, massages, and hayrides with Santa.

If you can't quite tear yourself away from Rosendale, rest assured you won't run out of fun. At 7:15, the theatre collective presents Chasing Ice, the climate change documentary so potent that it changed the mind of a Bill O'Reilly fan. State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill will be on hand to answer your questions and hear your thoughts on New York's climate policies.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family time or a happening party, ho-ho-holiday giggles or intellectual stimulation; whether you still need to do some shopping or haven’t a dime to spare, delight’s being served with a generous side of laughter and a double shot of hugs.  Events will be going on from 11 till 6.