Walton murder trial continues into second week

Lejuan Wainwright is currently on trial in Delhi for the stabbing death of Tyler Warner outside of Wainwright's apartment in Walton on August 20 of last year.

Wainwright has maintained that the stabbing was in self-defense.  Today, Wainwright is expected to complete a second day of testimony, according to the Daily Star.

Update, 3pm: A reader who has been watching the trial, Melissa Haverly-Grossman, writes to tell us the trial is expected to begin wrapping up tomorrow. Haverly-Grossman is a teacher with the BOCES New Vision Law and Government program, attending the trial with one of her students. Melissa writes:

At 12:10 today, after District Attorney Northrup finished cross-examing the defendant, Becker instructed the jury to expect closing statements to begin Wednesday morning, as the defense announced it would be calling rebuttal witnesses to the stand after today's lunch recess.