Sullivan County manager urges drivers to stay off roads

Sullivan County Manager David Fanslau is urging residents to stay off the roads as fallen trees and electric wires become more of a widespread problem.

“We don't have any road closures, but basically we're trying to get people off the roads,” Fanslau told the Watershed Post as he toured the county Monday evening with the County Sheriff's Department. “Unfortunately, there are more cars out on the road than there should be.”

Fanslau said motorists who've ventured out could get stuck behind fallen trees or power lines. Currently, about 2,500 power customers are without electricity across Sullivan County.

The National Weather Service has told Sullivan officials that wind and rain will worsen as the night goes on. The peak of the storm should come about 11 p.m. and last for roughly five hours, Fanslau said.

“People need to stay at home for now,” he said.

The main threat continues to come from the wind, Fanslau said, and there is not any immediate concern of flooding even through the county remains under a flood watch. Residents should still be vigilant, officials said, because many of Sullivan's small creeks, streams and rivers have a history of flash flooding.

Sullivan County is currently under a state of emergency, effective as of 12 noon on Monday.