Snow on its way in

Above: Screenshot of a National Weather Service map showing the 24-hour snow accumulation forecast across the country, for March 31 through April 1. Note the red spot showing 80 percent probability of an inch or more, hovering right over the Catskills region.

Throughout Friday night and Saturday morning, forecasts across the Catskills region are calling for a weather phenomenon we haven't seen much of this March: Snow.

Alas, it's too late for the ski slopes: All four of the region's ski centers, Belleayre, Plattekill, Windham and Hunter, closed for the season last weekend.

The Wall Street Journal doesn't expect it to stick around:

Up to four inches of snow could fall in the Catskills and some parts of the Hudson Valley, and a dusting could reach as far south as Westchester or the Bronx. Wherever it falls, the snow will likely melt Saturday as the atmosphere warms and snowflakes turn to raindrops.