Monticello Walmart: Crawling with vermin (and news reporters)

This week, the Liberty Independent and the Sullivan County Democrat are hot on the trail of a local scandal: The Walmart in Monticello has apparently failed its fourth consecutive health inspection.

Yesterday, the Liberty Independent posted a photo of a failed inspection notice from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to their Facebook wall. Today, the Democrat writes on their Facebook wall that they're chasing down the story:

According to the state, whom we just spoke with, Walmart has failed four consecutive inspections by the state (most recently on Tuesday) and will be subject to a hearing to consider revoking their food processing license, which permits them to handle raw food. The store is operating as usual currently but if the license is revoked and the store again fails inspection, at least the food store side could be shut down, according to the state.

Later in the comment thread, the Democrat gives a few gory details:

A quick review of the state inspection reports does not indicate rats, but mice droppings and carcasses are among the state's observations.