Letter to the Editor: Rosa is "clear choice"

To the Editor:

As we all know, Judge Carl Becker is running for re-election as county judge. This is a TEN year term. By law, Judge Becker will be required to retire halfway through his term, serving at the most only six years of a ten year term. If reelected, once he retires, the State will appoint someone to fill the remainder of his term until a special election can be held. And that someone could be from ANYWHERE in the state.

I have also seen numerous letters stating that Judge Becker “created’ the Drug Court, as stated in the letter from Ian Lamont. By no means, did Judge Becker ”create” the Drug Court. This was state mandated program and was required by law. And Judge Becker tried to foist the Drug Court onto the Delhi Court. This was unsuccessful.

Why vote for someone who can only do half the job? Judge Becker will be receiving two pensions, one for his time working for DSS, and one for his time as County Judge. Clearly Judge Becker is more interested in padding his pension than serving the people of Delaware County.

Gary Rosa is the clear choice for County Judge. He is fair, honest, has integrity and can serve the entire ten year term. Please vote for Gary Rosa on election day.

Jeannette Moser-Orr
Bovina, NY

[Editor's note: Becker will only be replaced by an appointed successor if he retires before December 31 of the last year of his term. Otherwise, an elected judge will replace him. See our interviews with both candidates for more info on the issue of mandatory retirement. -- Julia Reischel]