Letter to the Editor: "Do Ourselves a Favor"

To the Editor:

On November 6, Delaware County voters will choose who will serve as our next County Court Judge. Our civil justice system is one based on the rule of law, and the aim of that system should always be to “do good, seek justice, correct oppression, bring justice to the fatherless, and plead the widow's cause.” Hence, the role of judge is a high calling; he determines whether or not that system functions properly. He must be experienced in law and familiar with the community. He must be able to make impartial decisions. He must be eager to understand the unique situations of those who appear before him. And he must be creative, yet circumspect.

As a law student who has had the privilege of interning at the Delaware County Courthouse, I have seen Judge Carl Becker demonstrate many of those qualities. Judge Becker’s resourcefulness is evident in the fact that, in 2005, he created Delaware County’s first Drug Treatment Court to provide alternatives to jail time for those charged with non-violent drug-related crimes. His ability to be both equitable and compassionate was exhibited to me in cases ranging from custody decisions to a murder trial. As for his experience, all I can say is that Judge Becker has been a leader in the county’s legal community since before I was born.

What has most impressed me about my interactions with Judge Becker, whether he is presiding over cases or explaining legal concepts to an intern, is that he cares about the people he serves and understands the significance of the position they have entrusted to him.

Delaware County has benefited from the service of Judge Carl Becker as County Court Judge for nearly ten years, and we are doing ourselves a favor by electing him to another term.

Ian Lamont