Letter to the Editor: Blake congratulates and endorses Seward on primary win

The following is a press release from Jim Blake, one of the Republican primary candidates for the 51st District of the New York State Senate. Blake lost his primary bid last week to James L. Seward, the seat's incumbent. We are running the press release as a letter to the editor. - Julia Reischel

Honoring the results of the Republican Primary for New York State Senate in the 51st District, Republican candidate Jim Blake today issued his thanks to all those who supported and voted for him. Blake said, “I congratulate my opponent, Jim Seward, on his primary victory. Although many Republicans expressed dissatisfaction with Seward in the primary, now that the results are in, it is time for all Republicans to unify and support Senator Seward in his reelection bid.”

Blake added, “I have been approached by Seward’s Democrat opponent and asked to split the Republican Party. He should know that effort is futile. I have no intention of doing so. In the contest ahead in the general election in November, I endorse Senator Seward and urge all those who voted for me to support and work for his reelection in 2012. His voting record is certainly preferable to that which his opponent is likely to establish. I hope Senator Seward will put more effort into presenting issues that are in line with Republican principles. If not, I plan to be back to offer a primary challenge again in two years.”