Shots fired in Andes were to euthanize deer

On Saturday, the sound of gunshots rang out in the center of the town of Andes. Andes resident Jack McShane, a board member of the Catskill Mountain Club, emailed us to explain that the shots signaled the merciful end for an injured deer found in Ballantine Park:

I received a phone call at approximately 1:30 PM from a local woman who had been walking her dog in the park when she saw a deer with a broken hind leg struggling on the opposite bank of the Tremperskill. When arriving home she called me to ask what could be done, and I assured her that it would be taken care of. I called the local game warden who was not in, then called the state dispatcher who gave me the name and number of a warden out of Delhi one George Wolver who when called answered immediately and said he would respond forthwith. I raced to the scene and arriving with binoculars spotted the deer, backed off so as not to further alarm it. Warden Wolver arrived shortly thereafter and we discussed how to handle it. As the deer was obviously mortally wounded the warden fired 3 quick shots putting the animal out of its misery. Thank you for the call Mary and to Warden Wolver who could not have been more professional and nicer.