Rain, snow, and ice

The rain from yesterday combined with a surprise snowstorm last night have made for a bit of nutsiness this morning. There are multiple school delays, road closures, car accidents, and a travel advisory issued for Delaware County until noon today. Via Twitter, Kitty Sheehan reports that even her cell service seems unusually busy:

Anyone else in #HudsonValley or #Rhinebeck having trouble making a phone call on landline or cell? "All circuits are busy."

Here's a quick roundup of trouble spots:

Sidney troopers reported the main weather-related events in Delaware County on Sunday were cars off the roads, with "too many to count."

Rt 209 in Accord
Rt 213 in Eddyville
Rt 299 in New Paltz

The Delaware River is high but it is not an immediate problem. However, there are a few low spots that are flooding along SR 97 but not blocking the road. Jeffersonville, Livingston Manor, and Roscoe have some minor flooding and the water continues to rise.