Dispatch from Prattsville

Jenn Schuman, the host of the WIOX 91.3FM radio show Java with Jenn and Friends, made a visit to flood-ravaged Prattsville yesterday. She filed this report, which aired on WIOX this morning. Above: A damaged home in Prattsville. Photo by FEMA. -- Julia Reischel

As many of us return to our regular lives, don’t forget that our neighbors are still dealing with the disaster of Hurricane Irene. I visited Prattsville yesterday, Monday September 12, while delivering supplies.

Interior of a home in Prattsville: Photo by Kerri MurnanInterior of a home in Prattsville: Photo by Kerri MurnanAlmost every home, building, and structure on the main street has a sign that says that it is unsafe to occupy. The main mobile homes that were destroyed are still lining the main route into town. Rubble is strewn across what was once the trailer park and the fields north of town. The main route into town is across a bridge which is only open to one lane of traffic.

The Salvation Army continues to feed over 100 people for breakfast every day. Donations of food to feed these people every day is still needed. Check with them for a list of items needed.

Huntersfield Christian Training Center's Command Center in Town: Photo from hctconline.orgHuntersfield Christian Training Center's Command Center in Town: Photo from hctconline.org.

Huntersfield Christian Training Center and its organization continue to lead the relief effort but are now turning toward other relief efforts in the Binghamton area. At the Huntersfield camp, some families continue to be housed as alternate accommodations are sought.

The Huntersfield Christian Training Center has been working as a relief center and currently does not need donation of clothes but really needs volunteers to help sort and organize the many donations already received so they can then been given out to those in need. Donations have come in so fast that there are boxes of donations that have not even been gone through. First aid supplies continue to be something that is in need. Complete first aid kits are the best instead of smaller items. Hank Goekel continues to head up the relief efforts.

Many businesses are trying to save what little they have left. The Prattsville Tavern has stripped the inside of all the walls and floors, all that was left was a skeleton of a building. The rear of the building is in much worse shape as parts of it are missing and undermined.

Red’s Auto Parts is looking better than it did last week as the owner has been working to help others and his wife is doing most of the cleaning up with the help of their daughters on weekends. Many others have been volunteering and supporting their efforts. The building is now clean of the debris on the floor and the mud has been pushed out, it had been almost 10 inches in places. They are beginning to rebuild.

What Prattsville needs:


  • Milk- preferably half-gallons or gallons, to use with cooking. 
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Dry Creamer
  • Chicken Gravy
  • Sausage Links
  • Juice (bottles or boxes)
  • Commercial Bunn VPS coffee filters
  • Oatmeal
  • Turkey
  • Carrots | -- for Thursday
  • Broccoli
  • 30 cans- Cream of Celery Soup
  • 30 cans- Clam Chowder
  • Ham
  • Chicken
  • Cube Steak- 5 lbs
  • Alumnium Baking Pans – Large and Deep
  • Aluminum Turkey Roasting Pans 


  • 100 - Spackle Knives (assortment of sizes)
  • 25 - Wire Brushes (assortment of sizes)
  • 30 - Pump Sprayers
  • 10 - Paint Sprayers
  • 100 - Gloves (Leather & Latex)
  • 50 - Rubber Boots (size 10 - 12)
  • 200 - N95 Masks
  • 150 - Plastic Storage Containers
  •  200 - Emergency Suit
  • 10 - First Aid Kits
  • Large Crow Bars
  • Bleach
  • Cleaner with Sporicidal - to remove MOLD
  • 25 - Half Face Respirators
  • 10 - HEPA - Wet/Dry Vacs
  • 50 - Dehumidifiers
  • Nails -12 Common Galvanized - 50 lb. Bulk
  • Dust Pans  

BUILDING USAGE: Continue to search mountaintop for one or two large storage buildings for use (rent free) if possible, for duration of rebuilding the area.  

CONTACTS: If you would like to make a donation or for more information -- call 347-633-1536 347-782-2667  

VOLUNTEERS: The town is open and volunteers will be directed to parking. All volunteers are welcome (individual or group/teams). Please bring supplies if you have them such as wheelbarrows, N95 Face Masks, gloves, and boots, and dress appropriately. Some of these items are on hand but are very limited. Please bring a lunch for yourself or your group, which is also greatly appreciated.

Below: Appliances destroyed by mud in Prattsville. Photo by Larry Dauer, from the Huntersfield Christian Training Center's website. Many more photos here