Colchester planning board member resigns

The monthly town meeting in Colchester took a turn for the dramatic on Wednesday, September 21, when local resident Terry Edwards showed up armed with a barrage of complaints about alleged shady dealings, and Colchester Town Planning Board member Louis Banker resigned without explanation.

Lillian Browne reports for the Daily Star:

Edwards questioned [Supervisor Robert] Homovich's sale of real property on state Route 206, near Bridge Street, to the town for construction of a pump house more than 16 years ago. But Homovich said the purchase was "done according to the rules," and that a declaration of conflict of interest was issued at the time.

Edwards also questioned a contract between the town and Banker, who is a contractor, which he argued was also a conflict.

At the end of the meeting, Browne reports, Homovich read a prepared letter of resignation from Banker, but did not admit any wrongdoing, or explain why Banker was resigning.