Wells going dry in Greene County

The folks at Cluckin A Critter Farm in Greenville opined on their blog yesterday that things are looking kind of drought-like in their area:

WOW!!! We're getting rain! I can't tell you how very bad we need this rain. There are a lot of folks around the Ravena, Coxsackie area, whose wells have gone dry. I cannot perceive dealing with that problem! What would we do to cook? Obviously carry bottled water from stores. Okay, but what would we do to bath, water the animals and clean feed pans, etc.??????? It would be a mind boggling dilemma. I feel very badly for all those who have dry wells, because you just can't drill a better well in a jiffy....If it rains enough to satisfy and help replenish the water table, we'll be ok, but it would have to rain a long time for that to happen. I noticed the local reservoir was about three feet lower than it should be for this time of the year. That's a large amount, especially after the spring thaw we had from the huge snow amounts last winter. I thought we would be in super condition this summer and not have a drought, even if we didn't get a lot of rain. I was dead wrong.......We are in a serious situation right now. Let's hope it rains for a couple of days, non-stop...very steady and easy. That would be great.