Ulster County Fair: Not enough Ag?

In a comment on an article about county fairs in Grist, a commenter going by the name of sewassbe complains that the Ulster County Fair doesn't showcase enough real agriculture:

I went to the Ulster County, NY fair a few weekends ago. And was rather disappointed. It was mainly rides, cheap crap for sale, and fair food. The livestock 4-H exhibitions were pretty sad. LOTS of heirloom chickens and rabbits, only four draft horses, a few goats, and lots of Holstein and a few Jersey cows and heifers (not even any Guernseys!). So in other words, hobby farmers nearly all. The arts & crafts exhibition was heavy on the art, light on the crafts. I didn't get to go into the horticultural building because it was closed in the evening, which was when we were there. I don't think they even had a preserves or pie judging category.

But there was one bright spot, sewassbe adds:

The one highlight of the Friday night I was there? A five hour tractor pull with almost exclusively vintage tractors. Now THAT was country. And awesome.