Tractors: They're so intoxicating

Summertime in upstate New York is rich in opportunities for log-pulling, pie-eating, livestock-admiring and tractor-ogling. Case in point: The Agfest in New Baltimore over the weekend. Points to the Daily Mail for their extravagant use of four-cent words in setting the scene:

Some grown-ups love huge, intricate, powerful farm equipment so much that for many it becomes a passion.

Many compete in tractor pulls while others exhibit machinery lovingly restored, refinished and preserved.

Those who lack the skill, time, money and knack for machinery flock to the festival to bask vicariously in the intoxicating glow of big motors and big machines.

If you missed out on the Agfest -- or if you just can't get enough of those inebriating tractors -- the Meredith Dairy Fest is coming up this weekend. Just sayin'.