Schoharie's Times-Journal finds Facebook

The Times-Journal, a weekly based in Cobleskill that covers Schoharie County, has had some trepidations about Facebook:

Usually, we like to think we know what we’re doing at the Times-Journal. And almost never, with the exception of editorials and columns, do we write in the first person. Which helps to explain why we’ve waited a while to go public with the fact that the Times-Journal is now on Facebook.

But the newspaper has finally taken the plunge. Its fan page already has over 400 fans, which is enough to make it want more:

You can find us on Facebook by going to our website and clicking on the Facebook button there. Or you can go straight to Facebook and type “Times-Journal” into “search.” We’re not the Times-Journal with the baby in the profile photo—that’s another Times-Journal in Franklin, Georgia--we’re the T-J with the bound volumes of the Cobleskill Times in the photo. Fan us.

For the record, the Times-Journal with the baby in the profile photo is pretty darn cute. And for us, the Schoharie TJ's Facebook page initially didn't show up in our Facebook search. So here's a link.