Prepare to be inundated

Catskills tsunami: A couple of feet of snow in late winter, followed by heavy rain. Anybody who was in the Margaretville area in 1996 can attest to the awesome might of a little poorly-timed rain. (Fourteen years ago, I was standing on my mother's front porch in the Denver Vega valley, watching a sea of Ovaltine-colored water roll a refrigerator across what used to be a hayfield.)

Are we in for it again? AccuWeather thinks so. meteorologists are especially concerned about potential for a storm to produce heavy rain in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic toward the end of this week. If this happens, people in flood-prone areas will need to start making preparations.

From the looks of the AccuWeather map, maybe we'd better all just move to North Carolina.

From last week: The DEP is releasing extra water in anticipation of a big thaw.