New Paltzian takes stand against Tasers

Maria at New Paltz Gadfly would rather not see the New Paltz P.D. packing Tasers.

In order for Taser use to be warranted and effective, a target ideally would be middle aged, of normal build, good health, and sitting down. You would point the taser at the target's middle lower back (aka tramp stamp area). However, a taser would be used on a target who was belligerent, and unable to be restrained. These two points do not make ANY sense...they contradict each other...and they were two points brought before the police committee at their last meeting. Taser misuse can be extremely dangerous. Check out the news- a man was killed last week in Rhinebeck due to irresponsible tasing.

The opposition of Tasers for the NPPD is becoming a cause in town. So, naturally, they have a Facebook page; and, naturally, it's called "Don't Tase Me, Bro."

Background: The Woodstock Times reported last month on the NPPD's Taser plans. And, below: A video of a New Paltz officer volunteering to get Tasered at a public meeting.

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